Last night I posed as Tina Modotti for Michal Iwanowksi.

Tina Modotti was a woman who’s life and creativity intrigues me. An immigrant, an actress, a photographer,a singer, a revolutionary, a socialite with substance. Lover and muse to many important figures of the early century including Edward Weston and Diego Rivera. Friend to Frieda Kahlo. Her last breath was drawn in a taxi at Mexico city in her late forties when her heart could not take another beat.

This is one of my tributes to Modotti in addition to one of my first entries for this year’s Lent Project. Here is the link.

Thank you Michal for making this come true. I have shivers running down my spine right now. And in the process thank you for also helping me transform to various other divas last night, including Eva Peron and Edith Piaff according to Dan Green. I did not know I had it in me.


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