I am Hamlet
Like you and you… and you
A bloodied grief humanity now wraps around me

I am somebody’s brother
I have a mother and a father
And walk reality bound
colourful strings attached
their lives and deaths will pull me all directions

And this I do because of something that they did or did not give me
And I will blame and love them just forever
Pedestal v. hole to throw them in
This is my course
To be, what not to be

There goes Ophelia
The model sister, lover, mother, woman of my heart
I must have loved somebody else’s sister at one time
they are all the same
these whores
A model army of insanity
She says:

“Obviously Hamlet
You placed that dagger in my heart
You did not know
My gutless soldier

We walk and walk in streets
Seeking affection
Muzzling cries

We burn the cities of our dreams
And tear the flags of countries that betray us
In mutilation and starvation
They always fail us

I have sewn my loins for you
To put an end to this charade
And pledge the end of procreation
Hamlet machine no more

You are Hamlet
The answer is this time my love
You will not be”.

Influenced by Heiner Muller’s the Hamlet machine, the play that was imprinted in my malleable teenage mind at the turn of the 90s and provides me with an eternal allegory of this world.

hamlet 2

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