Dream of a warm guitar night
A taste of revolution in my mouth
A place that’s seen the worse gone by

Hope here is bountiful
The end of bloodshed
I breathe excitement air and uproar
Whilst fire and steel approaches motherland

A loose satin skirt floats through Mexica
My hips move freely
A camera fastened ’round my neck
Fearless in my youth
-The way it made some tremble-

In search of murals
holding the city’s soul, my body’s youth
Click click click click
double eternity

Mexica is my muse and I am his
A rock, an inspiration, an emotion
and in myself I grow and grow like art in revolution

This is the city to return to life from pain
I sowed its seeds in Europe’s soil
I leave my fragile breath spread in its bed

For Tina Modotti

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