5th March 2018

On Valentines day my Grandma died. On valentines day lent began.

Ash Wednesday revealed for me, acceptance for a show and a death in the family. Ash Wednesday I lost my job and my Grandmother. Today is the 5th of March and my Grandmothers funeral. She has been cremated now.

The weather has done unusual and historic things. A small earthquake on the 17th of February 2.30pm local time and snow that stopped the city on Thursday the 1st of March. I burn a candle and they burn her body. To ashes.

For me Lent begins today. I have stretched time and the show is about time. I dream of a corridor with you at the end of it. The first full moon of March hid behind a snow cloud. I have been hiding from jobs and love.

February 26th, My brother marries Rebecca. We lose a Greenhalgh, gain a Greenhalgh.



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