Scene 11 Street after midnight

Shot through the eyes of the girl. She is looking forward down a street that is thick in fog. In the distance there is a faint sound of a repetitive siren. It is a siren warning people about something. The girl is unaware what this is. Her eyes/camera shot, glance over distorted shapes ahead of her. The light is like that of city light pollution. Grey with hints of orange and lilac. The girl/camera looks up at an oncoming lamp stand. The light from the street lamp splits off into straight beams. Like that of the sun behind a cloud, or that of a stage light mixing with dry ice. The fog moves through this light and is thicker in some parts than others. It is an enchanting light source.

The shot changes and is now behind the girl. It is stationary, taken from the middle of the road and is tilting to the right. The girl is moving slowly foot by foot along the yellow lines on this road. Her head is down watching each step. The mood is cosmic and otherworldly. Camera begins to slowly pan in and another figure starts to emerge into shot. It is a male. He is seemingly sat on the curb of the street. The fog clears around this male and the girl as the camera gets closer. Girl stops. The male has his head down in between his legs. It is slightly tilted to the right and he appears to be in pain.

The Girl takes a few more stops along the yellow lines until she reaches him. She places one hand on his head and with the other pushes his hair from the left hand side to the right. An ear is revealed. It is hurt.

Through the fog four more figures begin to come into view. They are standing about 2 meters from the girl and the male in a circle. They are topless men wearing tight black jeans and boots. They are also wearing head pieces. These head pieces are enlarged bird heads. Each headpiece has a prominent beak. Each beak is pointing at something within the scene, one at the girl, one at the male, one at the yellow lines and one at the lamp stand.

The girl frees a hand from his head and removes a broach from her clothing. She uses the sharp pin part to pierce the hurt on the males ear. She pulls it out of the hurt and drops it to the floor. The hand returns and begins to squeeze the hurt. A bubbly squeaking noise is heard. A river of yellow puss begins to run out from the hurt. It runs between the girls fingers and down onto the shoulder of the male. It continues to flow until it becomes deep red in colour. This takes 3 minutes. The girl releases hair on head and ear. She takes a step back. The males with horses heads move back into the fog. They are no longer seen.

Male:”Well it’s stopped throbbing. My head feels lighter and less embarrassing.”


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