Scene 12, After dinner special.

The girl is stood in front of a stone sculpture. The sculpture is a figure of a male. He is naked and down on one knee. His face is looking into the girls. His eyes are small and hollow. This face is gentle and is marked with worldly specks of wild life, moss and iron. The girl is taken by it. She seems moved and contemplative. It is as if her thoughts are clear and she is beginning to understand what it is she wants from life. The day is bright and the sky clear. After 1 minute the girl turns her head to the left away from the sculpture. The girl begins to walk in this direction and the camera follows. A table at which the male is sat comes into shot. It is outside a cafe. All other tables are empty of people. The girl sits at the table opposite the male. The camera pans in a little closer. The sculpture is out of view.

An ad-libbed conversation regarding loneliness, loss, confidence, headless chickens, love, fear, appreciation of space and need takes place between the pair of them for 4 minutes. They both pause as a waiter enters shot. He is carrying two plates.  He sits one in front of each of them. The male’s plate consists of various meats, a steak, half a chicken and 3 bbq ribs. The girl’s plate consists of cous cous, roasted vegetables and mackerel. The waiter leaves and they begin to eat. After 30 seconds the girl raises a fork of mackerel to her mouth and begins to chew. On swallowing she begins to cough. This cough then becomes an aggressive clearing of the throat. She turns her body away from the table and carries on aggressively clearing her throat and coughing. She retches a few times and spits on the ground. This carries on for about a minute. The Male during this places his knife and fork down and places his hand on the girls back. He waits for her to stop reacting to what she’d swallowed.

Male:”Fish bone?”

Girl:”It’s still fucking stuck there.”

The girl begins to turn back to the table. Her fingers are pushing into her throat still trying to dislodge the bone. Her clearing of throat has calmed a little.

The waiter returns to shot carrying a tray. He places the tray on the table in front of the girl. It consists of, a well done slice of toast, a glass of water, a shot of olive oil, a shot of salted water, a shot of orange juice and a banana.

Waiter:”For you”

The girl calms her throat clearing to a halt. She proceeds to clear the tray of its contents. Chewing and swallowing her way through in this order, The well done slice of toast, the glass of water, shot of salted water, shot of olive oil, shot of orange juice and finally the banana. The girl swallows down the last bite. The girl turns her head to the male and sighs. The girl then turns her head and looks off shot to the Kneeling male sculpture.

Girl:”I’m not gonna sleep tonight.”

3 thoughts on “Deleted Scene, After dinner special

  1. Thanks Lia,I wanted to tell you on meeting I had a fish bone stuck in my throat but didn’t want to ruin story….thought you may have a remedy. I have however cured myself with sticky porridge and banana xx look forward to our next’meet cute’

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