Scene 11

The room is almost empty. There is a bed in one corner to the left and a tall lamp to the side of the bed on the right. This lamp is the only light source for the shot. On the wall behind the bed is a framed picture of a moth.

The boy is in the bed but cannot really be seen. His face is turned to the wall and he is covered in an orange blanket. He is asleep.

The Girl walks into shot from the rear of the bed. She adjusts the Lime green blanket from around her breasts to over her shoulders and pulls it around herself. She sits on the right side of the bed so the characters are back to back.

Girl: “Lie down a moment and remember you forgot to tell me something.”

The girl looks over her left shoulder at the boy and smiles. Switch to camera above the bed.

The girl turns her head back around, lays down on her back and gazes up to the ceiling.

This movement awakens the boy. He slowly rolls over. His eyes remain closed. His right hand runs across the Girls chest until it reaches her waist. He pulls the girl into his body and squeezes her. Girl smiles, turns her head and kisses his forehead.

Boy: “Did you enjoy the prawn cocktail I made you?”

Girl:”Of course.”

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