Scene 7

The girl is laid out in the back of a yellow sports car. She is asleep. 2 men occupy the front seats and one man is driving. The sound of rain is beating down on the car roof hard.

This sound of rain plays a big part in distorting conversation within the scene. This scene will involve the two men ad-libbing about, The River Usk, Rugby, money, perverted squirrels, Grey crested Newts and art. The sound of the rain covers most of the ad-libbing so only certain fragmented sentences are heard. This will take place for 4 minutes and towards the end of the forth minute the rain begins to subside and the girl opens her eyes. The men are no longer talking.

Camera pans into a close up of the girl adjusting to waking life. Her hands circle each eye and her mouth is making movements of one that is slightly dehydrated. Girl sucks in lower lip and swallows. She begins to straighten herself into an upright seating pose. She sits forward from the leather interior and glances out of the window to the left. Camera follows her gaze to three dead trees in a line in a field. They are about 10 meters away from each other and similar in size and stance.

Girl: “The sort of thing a train would pass daily.”

Camera pans back out until all three characters are in shot.

Driver: “We were discussing a rough past.”

Girl: “I know” (pause) “The tongue began to grow in confidence though. It entered the boys’ mouth. This mouth was kind and understanding.”

The sound of rain begins to infiltrate the scene. Again the conversation is distorted by this. The fragmented words that are picked up by the camera are beauty, space, audience, stimulate, gaze, command and nature. After 4 minutes the scene ends.

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