Elm has laid in wonder for two years. Her golden tinted view has dispersed, her hair has grown into the grass and the grass into her hair and the wonderful feeling has worn off. Understanding the weight of the world is a heavy burden. The blood in Elm’s veins has hardened and her heart has no reason to pump. Where her heart had once been a solid golden mango had grown. The mango would be sought after by many.

Elm was with child. She had been impregnated 18 months previous to awakening and the baby was now due.

“I’ve laid here thinking of names. There is one name that repeatedly comes back to me…..I shall call the child Buca.”

The Tree had said that names were unimportant and that Elm could have thought about more pressing matters. Elm disagreed with the tree.

“The Mango where your heart once was will be sought after. Anyone, you show the mango too will worship it. If you give your mango to the people it will rot as fruit rots. They will ridiculously worship such nonsense.”

People will boil the mango into a soup. One sip of the soup will heighten feelings in intense devotion; Cause a need to worship irrational relics and Obsessive behaviour will begin to surface.

How to slice a Mango

Every Mango has a little eye and its seed runs right behind it.

Slice down an inch on either side of the eye.

You’ll have two halves of mango in skin.

Cut a grid pattern into each half of your mango.

Spoon out the cubes of mango from the skin into a bowl.

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