The Distraction: “I hid and remained glamorous.”

The Party continued on downstairs. The Distraction shut the bathroom door behind it and slid down into a pile of herself on the floor. The constant Hum of fan or light was a pleasant change to the eclectic sounds she’d just been induced to down there. Her eyes looked onto herself; they ran themselves over her flesh, her frock and then the bathroom itself.  The Distraction decided to run a bath. It seemed an odd but interesting thing to do. Especially at someone else’s party. She enjoyed this thought.

Dream sequence in Green.

The Distraction is in her corridor and moving down it. The corridor is longer than usual. She needs to use the toilet.

In entering the bathroom the light is dimmer than it should be. She can hardly make out her bathroom suite. There are faces and figures inappropriately watching her. The toilet is over flowing again. This is a recurring theme. A constant stream of graphite shavings, coconut and white paint emerge from the toilet bowl.


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