The set is that of a bathroom. The Invited is not happy with her hair. As she brushes her hair it breaks away into the sink. It is limp and lifeless. She notices a knot in her necklace and a crack in the sink. There is something about today that leaves a lump in her throat and a bad taste in her mouth. The set is made up of yellow and white items and will be filmed in colour.


The Yellow props

Hair brush, scissors, daffodils and a horned instrument.



Song of sisters

The Invited will sing a murder ballad. The murder ballad is about two sisters. One kills the other with a skipping rope. The Ballad is about revenge.

The sisters sing a childish tune about the boy they love while skipping. They tire and rest by a tree. The older of the sisters awakes and is jealous of her younger sister beauty. She strangles her with the skipping rope, pushes her into the hollow of the tree and fills it with earth and leaves. The trees spirit is sad for the younger sister and allows her to live as a ghost, at night, by the tree. The younger sister is thankful of this; she wants to make something beautiful for the tree. She uses the trees branches and makes herself a spinning wheel. She uses the spinning wheel to weave her continuous growing hair into a rope swing. The rope swing is so beautiful and enchanting that all those that pass it sit on and sway. They swing themselves into a trance and see the murder of the younger sister. This myth starts to fill the local town and all are talking of the swing so beautiful and its story so sad. The jealous sister hears of the myth and a lump forms in her throat. She is unable to speak and decides to go and look for herself. Upon finding it she is captured by its beauty and sits on it waiting to hear the ghost speak. This time the swing remains still and strong. It winds itself around the jealous sister’s wrists and neck and strangles her. Her body falls from the swing limp and lifeless. The tree feels sad at the revenge. Its roots pull the body under the ground and its hair to the swing.

Visitors still pass the swing and it is still beautiful and used. It is said that when you use the swing a branch will pluck a hair from your head, weave it into the swing and your mouth has a sweet taste for revenge. The Daffodils serenade your swaying sounding like a horned instruments.

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