We’re here to claim our birth-rite!  I believe we have the choice… Do we continue being the victim/tyrant? Or do we wake up and face our shit and own it! It’s a massive challenge…. It’s an endless journey beyond the known into the unknown and further still…. it never ends….it is the gateway to eternity via a conscious death. “Why so morbid?” I hear so many people say at the mention of the “d” word. There is nothing morbid about it! We are infinite beings of light with unfathomable capabilities, trapped in a prison of illusion. We are born to experience life, and all that goes with it, including all the suffering and turmoil which is essential for our spiritual growth and evolution. But mankind is always doing its best not to be present. We surround ourselves with distractions. We runaway from our true selves. We are afraid! Yes we are terrified! We hide behind smart phones! We search for love and happiness outside ourselves. When the truth is we will only find this if we look within first.  Never place limitations on yourself. Love this very moment, because that’s all that exists. Bassi!

2 thoughts on “Bassi! (The Truth as I Feel it Expressed in this Moment)

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