The House is quiet now and ready for something to happen. The auditions will take place here.


Women (Host) “The auditions for The Invitation were quite unusual. We had many different actors, artists, writers, musicians…you know intrigued creative types apply for it.  Myself and (males name) who played the follower, Picked the three at random and decided they had a role before the audition even took place. What we didn’t decide was their character. That was left up to them…..In short; each entered the house, picked an envelope and then had to respond to a room accordingly.”

Extract taken from an interview with (Female name): Theater Today 22/06/2015


You have the house all to yourself for as long as you need it. Pick an envelope and respond to the room within it.

The envelopes read:



Responses from the audition

Aim In Colour, Bathroom

The Bathroom has been used. A towel hangs still damp. The bath is half full and the water a shade of green. A tile has been painted in watercolour and the words ‘In no Rush’ Title it. A coat is left behind hung on the door.

P1250546   P1250547  P1250554


Intention With Wit, The most spacious Room (living room)

The room has been completely cleared of it’s furniture. All that remains is a thin block of MDF and two markers. The block has been written on with the markers and states ‘DESIGNS FOR A FUTURE UTOPIA’ in backward handwriting.



Obscure and Surreal Dreamer, The spare room.

It is twilight now. Almost dark. A window has been left open making the room cold. An oak street light stands in one corner and is lighting the room with a yellow tint. The room also occupies a camera on a tripod, a broken bulb (also yellow), some painted blue sticks and some black fabric. Camera film in the process of been developed.


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