A fish of brown and spotted blue

was swimming in the sea,

longing for a love so true

and wishing to be free.


A golden bird with feathers bright

and a song so sweet and clear,

did spy the fish swimming below

and her song did catch his ear.


She spread her wings and circled round.

Her heart was pounding fast.

He swam up to the waters edge,

his Love! he found at last.


She landed gently on the ground,

a sparkle in her eye.

He splashed the water all around

to make her feelings fly.


His heart brimming over with joy,

an overflowing cup.

She bent her beak down for a kiss,

and gobbled him right up!


When Lovers meet in this cruel world,

hearts are put to the test.

A fish and bird can fall in Love,

but where would they build their nest?

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