The Tree and Elm are deep in conversation. They have talked about entities, skin care, operations, politics and dadaism. The tree was fascinated at the range of products available for skin and the many different brands that Elm had said she used. Elm was fascinated that the tree could inhabit her and the many benefits to this bargain.

“your veins will fill with amber-like resin, your skin will be like the bark of a Birch and the clothes you wear will be jet black petrified wood.”

After some deep thought and silence on the matter, the tree’s branch reached down into the earth below its roots and pulled out what appeared to be a sponge made of earth.

“Elm, please tilt your head back and open your mouth for me.” Elm did as the tree asked.

The tree began to squeeze the earth sponge. A thick orangey substance ran out into Elm’s mouth. She could feel it begin its journey down her throat. The tree wrung out the earth sponge until every last drop had fallen into Elms open mouth.

The sponge had turned black and flickered on the branch like a ripped carrier bag. The tree felt tired and dirty. The tree had felt self-consciousness for the first time.

Elm’s breath lengthened. The weight of the substance had forced her onto her back. She lay there feeling it run into each vein. Elm felt wonderful. Her vision had changed. Things seemed golden now and Elm understood the weight of everything in the world.



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