The conversation was not to take place as he had not answered the phone.

Elm was in thought of the non-existent conversation. She’d walked herself into the woods. In the woods, Elm began to remove items of clothing until her panties, socks and boots remained.

Elm positioned herself correctly and began to do her daily squats. Her breath quickened and heart raced. At squat 55 Elm remained near the forest floor.

“I’m happy now, got a new place further down south. It’s a bike ride to where I work so keeping healthy and happy. You?”

“I suppose you could say I was happy. I struggle to know what makes me happy….” Elm answered the fictional question, “all I know is you were the kindest soul I’ve ever known.”

Elm sat back onto the forest floor. She thought about her body. Her skin, her womb, her eyes, her organs. She imagined some entity taking over for her. This entity would use her body to it’s full potential. She laughed at this.


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