Resuscitated Lily part 2

What the taxi driver did not realise is that his action of placing the lilies back in water would resurrect the invited from her sleep.

Extract from scene 6 hospital ward.

The Invited: “I remember the wall becoming the floor. I remember it seeming like things were been thrown at me. The force as my body travelled the length of the room. It collided with a vacuum cleaner, a large piece of wood, a pan, some shirts and lilies. I felt powerless and tried to hold on to whatever wall I was against, but it was useless. This force was stronger than me.”


The room had been added to the house through planning permission. It was the spare room in the Invited’s flat. The day it collapsed from the building the Invited was inside. It kept its room like shape, but in a circular movement detached itself from her abode. She was found unconscious within the room and taken to hospital. She had no breakages from the fall, but severe bruising.


Extract from scene 6 hospital ward.

The Invited: “Their strength within my nostril kept me aware I was alive.  After the room tipped and I lost consciousness it was there smell alone I could sense at first. So familiar and constant, so insipidly healing. Eventually I could also hear the movement of traffic and feel aches within my own bones.

Read part one, Resuscitating lilies’: https://lentproject.co.uk/2015/03/04/resuscitating-lilies/

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