The Swimming Pool Scene

The Distraction and the Novelist are at the reunion. It is a Pool side party hosted by the type of women who is good at organising things. She is also good at ‘staying in touch’ so the reunion was pretty busy. Now though twilight is settling in and the temperatures dropped. The Distraction and the Novelist have not seen each other for years. They have spent most of the reunion together.  He looks different to her. They both exit together pool side left, into an art studio. The Distraction leads the novelist to the back of the space. The wall consists of framed box’s containing bright shrines to saints and the Virgin Mary, Posters of Coyotes and square watercolours.

The Novelist has to leave. The Distraction doesn’t want him too. They embrace and remain in a close hold for a little longer than the average hold.

Distraction: “it’s been so long. Perhaps now you will meet up with me again.”

Novelist: “There is something I really need to tell you, but not here.” “I will contact you soon.”

Distraction: “Do you ever dream about me.”

Novelist: “No.”

Distraction: “I dream of you all the time.”

It seems the Novelist has left the space. Yet he remains there. The Distraction feels upset and haunted by this meeting. She climbs onto her desk and starts to sleep.


Distraction dream sequence. The Pool

The Distraction and the Novelist are standing at the side of a perfectly square pool. There is a hot mist lingering at the surface of the water. They are then in the Pool. The pool seems to have a strong heaviness to it. The Novelist crosses his legs and folds his arms. The Distraction watches as he sinks to the bottom with ease and then uses his strength to return to the surface. He is happy in here. The Distraction is not. Her strength is not enough to keep her a float. The pull on her body is making her panic. It is also hard to hold on to the sides of the pool, as there distance is higher than her grasp. They are both entering a door labelled sauna. Someone before them is hurt; there is a trail of blood leading to each of the saunas. This is mostly ignored but noted. The Distraction and the Novelist enter one of the saunas. It is not hot in here. There is an audience of people watching them enter. This audience has a silver glow and they are applauding. The Distraction turns to see an oversized desk covered in books and magazines about her. She decides to sit here and try to sweat.

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