Breathing and exhaling at the count of nine. “Cozcacuauhtli!”…. I called your name. First you feasted on my anger… So much had been stored away in my liver! Then you walked away, and my body shivered. I breathed again at the count of nine, Then you hooked your beak through my ribs….. Eating all the depression that lived in my lungs! Then you walked away, and my body shivered. I inhaled and exhaled nine times nine…. I’m a daydreamer, and my body’s getting cleaner. Next you came to work on my kidneys…. Dined on the fear – I felt the shiver like a tear As you walked away. Now you reached my heart to scavenge on the pain…. Stomach full you walked away. My body trembled with gratitude…. Tlazohcamati Cozcacuauhtli. Please return tomorrow… I have food for you. Every day for the next thirteen days I will call your name And my breath shall be at the count of nine.

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