Poetry in props.

The set is that of a spare room and is front of stage. Within the spare room there is a large window. For the length of the scene figures pass the window from the outside. The day has been continuously wet and things look drowned. Every figure that passes the window is hooded and appears faceless. The set is made up of black and white items but will be filmed in colour.

The black and white props;

Taxidermy Cat, hair moose, wooden street light, bath, branches, telegraph post, simple chair, simple table and a stringed instrument.

P1240706  P1240651


Song of sisters.

The Distraction will sing a murder ballad to the taxidermy cat. The murder ballad is about two sisters. One sister kills the other by drowning her. The ballad is driven by jealousy. The jealous sister then marries the male, who was in fact sweet on the dead sister. The dead sister is found floating in the lake by wood worker and made into a beautiful string instrument. This instrument is given as a present to the newly married couple. However, if anyone plays the instrument, it tells the tale of how it was murdered. The jealous sister becomes aware it is somehow her sister. She removes the strings from the instrument, which are made of her sisters hair and eats them. The strings then attach themselves to the baby within the jealous sister’s womb. The baby awaits birth for revenge.




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