What should we do? …. We should love!

We should face and acknowledge our shadow, our dark-side…

To learn from it, so it becomes an ally.

We should all live as warriors of light and knowledge…

To dream consciously and so become the masters of our destiny.

We should increase our awareness by shifting our perception.

There are many methods and disciplines to enable us to do this.

Time is short. Begin the work now!

(Shamanism is something for the whole of humanity to learn from. There are many aspects of it, and one should cultivate a keen interest in the subject, on a practical level. Generally, for the deeply conditioned Western mind it is a hazardous, no-go danger zone…..but that would be a negative thought form projected as a missile by the ego to protect itself from annihilation. The ego is something that has to be cut down to size if we as a people are to fulfil our true potential. When one embarks on the warriors path of shamanism, one can begin healing past traumas, and begin to learn to live from the heart with love and compassion. It’s never an easy ride, but it is one full of magic and power, and ultimately it is the path to total freedom).

One thought on “We Really Should…… So We Can Transform (Notes on The Warrior’s Path of Shamanism)

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