Scene 15, Abandoned shop/salon

The shop is closed. The camera shot is taken through the window from the outside looking in. To one side of the shop scene on the right, are a row of sinks. Like that you would find in a salon. To the left of the shop scene are metal racks of clothing. Like that you would find in a charity shop, vintage store or at the market. Above the metal racks a fluorescent tube hangs from a steel chain. The light is flickering white then fading to a discharged yellow. It lights up the various colours of the clothing, ribbons, buttons and other such attached acquire. The clothes have been worn before. There is a distinct difference to the two sides of shot. The sinks are clean and hygienic looking. The fluorescent tube that hangs from this side is pure white and not flickering. The sinks have never been used. The sound for the scene is an occasional car passing the camera from behind. Sometimes several at once then a 30 second break. Between the passing of cars bird song is heard.

Centre shot, at the rear of the shop a black canvas bag begins to move of its own accord. A silver zip begins to undo the sack. The zip catches the good light and looks beautifully magnetic as it slowly reveals the flesh of the girl. The girl’s hands appear on each side of the sack and she removes herself from it. The girl stands up centre of the scene. The girl is in her underwear and her hair is wrapped in a towel on top of her head. The girl looks straight into the camera for 3 seconds then looks around as though she hears movement above her head. Her head moves staring at different blank spaces on the ceiling each glance is 3 seconds long.

After the fifth glance the girl walks to the third basin along the wall to the right of shot. She removes towel from head. Her hair is thick in a mud like substance. The girl reaches for a shower head with one hand and with the other starts the tap. The fluorescent light over head becomes rusty red in colour. This colour drowns everything in it to the right of shot. The girl begins to wash substance from hair. As the girl washes her hair the plugs in the other sinks have murky red water fountains flowing from them. They throb up and down like the beating of a heart. This takes 3 minutes.

The girl places shower head in basin and turns off tap. The girl squeezes hair into basin, then brings it to rest over her left shoulder. The girl turns and heads over to the clothes rack on the left of shot. The light here is still flickering but has brightened from discharged yellow to a murky white. The girl shifts through the clothes then pulls out a shirt dress. The dress is soft, heavy and mostly grey with hints of lilac. She puts it on. Her hair is still running in colour and this affects the pre owned/pre worn shirt dress.

The girl is again distracted by something. The girl stares at the wall behind clothes rack as though she can see or hear something. The girl makes her way uneasily around the clothes rack until she is up close to the wall. Her head turns to the left and she presses her ear against the wall. The girl listens for 25 seconds, then jolts back and knocks into the clothes rack. There is movement in the material. The girl composes herself, walks over to the window and places herself centre of shot. The girl takes a deep breath and breaths a distinct line onto the glass. Within this she writes with her finger,

“There is something in the walls other than pipe and wire”

As she writes this the sounds of cars passing and birdsong becomes louder and traumatic.


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