I hold tight onto that body warmth. We hold onto each other.

Leaning forward to the road ahead. Locking into position of still movement. This all exciting force of life, accelerating force of love.

A wind perfumed with pinecones, saltwater, roadside shrubs, wild herbs and blossomed flowers. It does not just caress you, it holds you up. With its surrounding matter, it lets our spine stand long. Our spirits lift to a position they belong.

The sun tickles my eyelids and his temple. The heartbeat chimes the time. This is a moment begging exclusivity and so it’s granted. The moments-unborn memories. All dejavus you felt in candlelight.

[at this exact point the flame coughs up a noisy brightness]

Wisps of my sun kissed, blushing waves of hair spread out like spirit’s wings. It is a time I have no face , I have no body. I float in a road bent line. Forward, ahead with force and laughter.

Occasionally his dark locks frame a side shot of my eye. And on the boat they break the vast blue spread I look out to. Sat on the bow, counting the ripples, I dive naked and marvel at the water’s dark blue depth. Under his watchful eye where he adores me.

I am kissed in moonlight. My every blemish is adored by star light. And earthquake shakes my consciousness.

Right here, right now, every night remains a celebration. A dance, a drink, dizzy delight, escapes out of the quiet. For there is more excitement than remorse, more time outside constraints, more movement than just stillness.

[In frame he pulls me close into a spin. ]

One night, we’d sat together side by side, simply next to each other. It had been years… We got past daily small talk and catch up. The weight of home pretense and effort had been crumbling me. Those foreign soils were poor on nutrients and everyone seemed more demanding than just giving.

We raised our glass out of embarrassment into exciting apprehension. And half way through that night on which we danced, and laughed and just passed time, he asked:

“What would it take to be alive?”

“Make it adventure”, I replied.


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