Scene 22, The street walk, Daydreamed carnival.

The Girl will walk up three different streets the camera will follow her movements from behind. The walk will take 7 minutes. The Girl will pass closed shops, open takeaways, a fancy dress shop, public houses, 2 converted churches, Residential houses, abandoned spaces, a closed bowling green and benches.

The Girl will pass three characters. First a young woman, the woman’s expression is glazed and staring straight ahead. The woman is singing to herself about life. This song is disjointed, made up of words and breathy sounds. The second character an older lady. The girl has passed the older lady already and is on the other side of the street.

Older lady: “Excuse me; I’m looking for the gate.”

Girl pauses and turns to where the older lady is stood. Girl uses right hand to point up the road to a church.

Girl:”Literally just there love.”

Girl turns and continues to walk. The older lady repeats the words “thank you” several times. The older lady crosses to the same side of the street as the girl. The girl turns her head and notices this. The girl explains to the older lady that the Gate is on the opposite side. The older lady continues to thank the girl. The girl rolls her eyes, shakes her head and continues to walk. The older lady still continues to thank the girl. Just before the girl reaches her destination on the third street she passes the third character, a man who is preaching loudly in Arabic.

Girl reaches the end of this street. The girl stands between a blossom tree and a public toilet.

The camera pans around in a full semi circle. It becomes stationary when the girl is centre shot and the street the girl has just walked up is the new background. There is a full moon overhead. The girl tilts her head up to the blossom tree on her left. She stares at it for 11 seconds, as she does this the full moon becomes brighter, the blossoms on the tree begin to glow creating a pink light source for the scene and the pavement she’s stood on lights up in a grey and lilac. She is dreaming.

The toilet door opens and an insignificant other enters out onto the street. They are juggling marsh mallows. Behind the girl three other females side step onto the street behind her and into shot. They position themselves in the various pink beams the blossom on the tree is giving off. They are wearing matching fluorescent pink cropped tops and tight light denim jeans. Their feet are bare. In turn each of them draws a blue circle around their belly button and then lifts this hand to the sky and continuously clicks their fingers. The sound is sharp and echoes off the walls. It is cosmic and space affirming.

It is on the third female raising her hand that the girl lowers her head from the moon.

Girl:”Rocking on the night, take over for the plant…….Venus”

The Night creature dance begins.

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