Scene 52, pub after close

Camera remains stationary, in shot, the bar, behind the bar (typical contents), to the side of the bar two sofas and a table.

The manager is sat on one of the sofas rolling a cigarette. The girl is moving backwards from the left of shot to where the bar ends on the right. The girl is mopping the floor as she does this. At the end of the bar she twists the mop head into a metal mop bucket and releases it. The girl moves to the sofa on the right sits down and sips a glass of white wine.

Earlier scenes

  • Nephew hands her a lollipop. It’s a Chupa Chups mini cherry flavour.
  • Stranger orders a chicken curry with chips and asks for her number.
  • Dean tells her to step outside and while she glass collects, he places folded paper into her hand “that’s my number.”

The girl begins to put the layers of clothing she would wear to keep warm on the walk home. The girl feels awkward and is keen to leave. The manager is nearly drunk.

A conversation takes places involving, Tokyo, choice, setting down, henna, hair, children, lies and swimming. This lasts 5 minutes and both are drinking their drinks throughout it.

The manager finishes a Guinness. He goes back behind the bar and pours himself a Stella and the girl another white wine. He comes back and places them on the table. The girl is less awkward now. She removes her coat picks three darts up from the table and throws them at a darts board. On each throw a loud sound like the bones in her arms are cracking takes place. Double 20, triple 20, Bull.


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