Deleted Scene, Town centre

The footage is filmed through a CCTV camera. The timing is 3 frames per second and is in black and white. It is high in contrast and occasionally blurs into just static of shape. The street itself is empty of people bar one hunched figure in a doorway. It is hard to make out the sex of the figure. It becomes apparent that the figure is probably the Girl when a sudden flow of urine begins to mark the paved city street from between her legs. A pool begins to form until it breaks off in three different directions. It is following the cracks in the neatly tiled street floor. It moves along the cracks quite quickly and steam can be seen rising off the moving stain. This suggests the night air is cold.

The figure stands and adjusts clothes as one would do after urinating in the street. The girl is clearly having a little trouble walking. The girl is drunk.

The girl gets just beyond the pool of urine and starts to fall forward. The girl lands awkwardly onto her knees followed by her hands. She is now on all fours.  She remains in this stance for 5 seconds then uneasily starts to stand. Once stood the girl wipes her hands onto her clothing. Then uses left hand to rub both knees. The girl staggers off up the street until off shot.

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