The moment I encountered her
Was one of wrath

Born in red moonlight

Hers was the warmest womb
but then her womb is mine

Siren she’s not
Not an enchantress

If you love her
You’re drawn to fear
Just like first breath

In waves
she raises water graves
To fold you

She says,’ l’ll let you sail in calmest waters’
She wants your truth
She asks your lie

I had to let her go
to find my journey
‘Your schizophrenic moments mother
let you down’

She calls me back
and promises
calm light blue waters
away from tiger ripples and led-like tidal blankets I sleep under.

I’ve anchored there my heart
Swimming my way
from port to port
Testing the waters
I play my part

For my home city with the most beautiful mermaid name, Thessaloniki. Thanks to my visitors from all these different ports who ‘swam’ to Tiger Bay to see us.


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