Act 2

Scene 2

Deleted scene. In the Garden

Camera is stationary on stage left of shot. The scene is taking place in the rear garden. The garden is mostly concrete with small shrubs, herbs and bushes decorating its edges. It is joined to other rear gardens on both sides.

Scene opens to the girl right of shot crouched by a small bush. She is sat on her heels and both palms are pressed down onto a concrete slab. The girl appears to be muttering to the bush. She is in disbelief about something. She is giving it disconcerting shrugs.

Girl: “I cried some tears to the Thames for you.”

The girl lifts her right palm to the sky and makes large circular movements. This palm levitates there for at least 1 minute. Her gaze is fixed on the movement of her own palm. The movement slows until it stops. The palm closes into a gentle fist.

Girl: “Lift your skinny fist” (Slowly smiles and closes eyes for at least 2 seconds)

A noise is heard from behind. The noise is gentle like the palms of your hands rubbing together. On hearing this, the girl turns and stands. She is bare footed so her movement across the garden to left of shot is careful and precise.

The girl stands about a meter away from the wall left of shot. Her height allows her to peer over the wall at such a distance.

Camera begins to pan to the left. It becomes stationary when the dividing wall is centre of shot. The girl is left of shot and to the right a tortoise. The tortoise is slowly making an imprint of a circle, on the slightly overgrown lawn of the garden.

A voice is heard from off camera

Other: “I had a dream last night” (pause)

The girls head looks up to what seems to be someone speaking from a window on the house, where the tortoise is circling.

Other: “The tortoise became a dog. The dog was circling like that only quicker and then suddenly it became a centipede that rose up to the sky and became the moon.”

The girl smiles towards the voice then lowers her gaze back to the tortoise.

Girl: “Makes you wonder if insects are capable of love.”

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