‘A locket to pass on’
it often rested on my stern and mostly between thumb and index
held lightly in my sleep and tightly through the (tearful) wake.

“To loose your breath, to loose your life”

‘The one and only pomegranate’
Hung proudly on the middle of the short tree in father’s yard’

‘All strings attached’

‘Exodus’ of a lonely man-ghost of man

‘The Frames’,
Massively empty
waiting for memories and statements

‘The Mermaid’
temptress, demon, womb

Her ‘unborn babies sleep in clouds’

‘On flooded tracks, dissolving rainbows’

Soundscapes of
‘father’s voice’
‘mother’s whisper’
‘brother’s silence’

‘The loneliness of crowds’

And many images I wanted you to see

The next stop…ochre mixed with sunlight…

‘Make it adventure’

‘Silence, the sound of love’

‘On life and fun ‘, a conversation
And then ‘on fear, on love, on grief’

‘Finding my breath’

‘Just being someone else you have always been’

‘A thank you’
For having balls to say it as it is.

“May I be safe
May I be happy
May I be healthy
May I live at ease”

And just re-telling that one story
Framing a life
Knitting a peaceful knot between perception, now and past
Living in peace
Killing the brat

Thanks to Cath for the Lent mantra. May you live at ease.