Act 1

Scene 6

Camera pans from front door, up the staircase and then turns onto a landing. The space seems abandoned. The landing is lit up by natural light coming from the bathroom window, which is mid way up the stairs and is now behind the camera.

To the left of shot a door begins to open allowing another natural light source into shot. The girl appears from this doorway. The girl is chewing on something then swallows. The girl begins to use her tongue to clean the inside of her mouth. The girl swallows again. The girl gazes up to the ceiling, lifts her shoulders and then rolls them back as if stretching. A slight sigh is heard and this gaze continues down the wall on the left until her eyes meet the floor in front of her

Girl: (Short laugh through nose) “Not again.”

Girl inhales a deep breath in slowly through her nose and on release of breath the girl bends down and picks up a knife. The Knife is the kind you would use for chopping with. It has a thin medium sized blade that is serrated and a thin black plastic handle. The knife has been used and is piercing a thin sliver of butter, that is cold enough to hold its shape.

The girl smiles, comes up to stand and then holds it out in front of her pointing at an imaginary source of life. The girl begins to walk forward down the landing.

Girl: “I am no one, I have nothing to do with explosions.”

The girl pauses as she reaches the top of the first set of stairs. The knife is lowered down to her side on the right. Her head is turned to the left and looks down over the banister.

Girl: (shouted) “Is my crumpet ready then?”

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