When will the sun shine. When will my cold and tired bones unfreeze and flourish fern-like catching those fleeting delicate unfurling fleecy rays of warm life. My incubation period is over now, i can hear the dull dense thud of spring clanging on my chrysalis walls. My sheath will spring open soon to allow my new growth to breath lungfulls of this new clean damp dewy lemon coloured new air.

Why didnt they put a mirror in here? I have waited so long for new skin. I hope its how i imagined. I hope they got the order right.

Tightly wound upon myself i have lost all perpective in here. My flesh is itching like healing scabs, i feel this new growth ready, the itch of repaired and renewed skin. Spring is falling now toward summers haze. I will have new wings to bimble bumbling about upon this bright breeze to enjoy new warmth, to enjoy this new breath, to gasp like babies first screaming inhale. Someone wallop my back. It is time to take my first lung. And open my first eyes. And to enjoy this first sun.

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