Monday 18/03/2013

In thoughts of yesterday and how tired one can be.

I have been here before.

There are squeaks from the wardrobe and a very balanced galaxy. You find a stone you thought you’d lost. With this in your palm you catch up on much needed rest.

Your mantra now is to prepare for something entirely unexpected.

However in dream state you enter a dining room you have entered before.

When light sockets become distorted and refuse to light up an already perfectly lit up staircase, you know your there.

When your in your home, however there is an extra room which has never existed but you recognise the 1950’s salmon decore and swear youve been here before, you know your there.

When returning to the kitchen, down the well lit hall, that you want to turn a light on in and walk through a shadow of a man who does not know you or you him, You know your there.

And you have been here before.

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