40 thousand years.

Thats all the time that has elapsed since we were living in caves daubing shit on the walls. 40 thousand years. A mere blink, a hic-cup of time, a wee nasal snort of chronology. 40 thousand years! Most days i feel older than that, particularly in the harsh eye-rubbing-sandman-misted-haze of morning. 40 thousand years from cave scrawls to iphones and EVERYTHING inbetween.


It is estimated that “a primitive optical sense organ based upon efficient photopigments could evolve into a complex human-like eye in approximately 400,000 years” (thank yea wiki-knowledge) ten times the length of time that we have traversed this sea of ingenuity and knowledge from our hole-scribblings to CERN. Yet how long did it take the ‘primitive optical sense organ’ to evolve in the first place? 100,000 years, 1,000,000 years? The biological equipment to process ‘photopigments’ 1,000,000 years? Lets not even go further back and think of the photopigments them selves!? 1,000,000 years, 10,000,000 years? Who the fuck knows, not I, and thats fo shizzle.

End of context.

40 thousand years. Our brains have sped onward covering ground at knots, i can almost hear the deafening rattle of speed wizzing past my long-evolutionary-engineered-ears. From farming to religion to art to music to language to ice-cream. All this in a mere 40 THOUSAND YEARS!

I wish i could live the next 40 thousand, what the fuckgibblets is going to come next!!!? How the holy-mother-of-fuck-nutting-cock-flaps are we going to improve on ice-cream? Yet its going to happen.

Future ice-cream…… thats going to taste of sunlight and happy tears.

Morning world. x

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