Day 26.

Sunday. Restday. Dreamday.

In a dream last night I met my grandparents again. They were both old but well.

Before I got to their home, I had found myself in a big swimming pool with a lot of people, when a pod of killer whales, two or three dozens, entered the pool and made it for the swimmers. Somehow I got to the shore and was pulling people out of the water with the most amazing strength, almost flinging them like puppets. I don’t think anyone got eaten.

Later, at my grandparents house, I was introduced to a group of young badgers, mighty handsome lot, temperamental and sharp-teethed, yet quite friendly. To my grandparents. I copped a feel on the soft tummy once or twice, before the grumpy teenagers showed their temperament.

I remember not being very disappointed, but wishing they liked me as much as they liked my grandparents.

I am convinced my grandfather was responsible for that dream. Grandma has little time for animals.

Swimming champion

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