A crisp ache of tired muscle shrouds my body this morning. Which makes a casually unwelcome change from the dull clouds that generally obscure and occupy my morning mind… although on closer inspection i have both.

To fully awake takes me a good solid couple of hours in the morn. My senses are dulled and milky opaque, like shaken glass of muddied water that needs time to sit and settle and un-stir itself, let sink the soil and separate once more, let the light float and the dense descend to their natural home. The animals of mind have broken loose throughout the deep dark down-time of night. These herds of thoughts and the now ferral flocks of feelings have escaped and become free once more to wander which way they will. Oh and wander they do! Cantering forth to no specific dest/ination/iny.

I very rarely remember my dreams. But judging by my muddled misted mornings they have been chaotic bacchanalian CARNIvals to which, i sometimes wish, i had  a wakeful spy-hole to enjoy with rational mind.

It is time to corral! It is time, yet again, to herd these night animals and subdue my twilight thoughts for daily duties. Morning is upon us. Awake. Shake dreams from your hair my pretty child my sweet one…

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