Nothing profound to say today.

Just one thing…

I love people.

Some let me watch them talk today. And I thought, ‘I just love people’.

They are funny, strange and wondrous. They contradict each other. They read and feed off each other. They lead each other down paths of thought and perception. They make strange sounds in words to tell you what they think, feel or believe.

They show you with their body and their eyes. Some whisper when they share something so personal. Some slightly fold over when upset.  Some are just confident, others the joker of the group. Some are the common sense. Some listen more and others take charge.  Some trust you instantly, no questions asked. Some watch you with the corner of their eye until they trust you, then they forget you. And some will not relax until they make you laugh or giggle.

I love how they surprise you with their bluntness or their honesty. And, wait! They shut you up with knowledge bigger than a so called expert’s.  Then they respond again to some external prompt. They find solutions.  They give and give and give more thoughts. And they just want to know more, even in transience.

Sometimes they have as many stories as their number -maybe more.  Sometimes they’re stuck- they tell you so. And I believe that if you shuffle them and put them in a room again with others they’d show and tell you something new. Even the ones you might have thought are most predictable.

I just love people and their minds and thoughts.

I’d love to watch them all day long.

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