Potential there seems to be plenty of here.

‘What ifs’ and wishful ‘one days’. One day I will be this, one day I will do that, one day I will go there, one day I will own that.  I will have children, I‘ll take better care of myself, I will be known….Action is thin and far between. It seems the moment has been pregnant for years.

Meanwhile the whole world moves and turns and changes. Whilst we seek permission to act, think and even protest. An idle obedience signing up to this-is-how-it-is and you-can’t-change people. If you’ve ever worked to change yourself and aspects of your life or if it’s just happened you’ll know that’s bullshit.

Free time is a currency here and dreams can be real even if they are not ‘realised’.

If you write words you are a writer, if you speak them in the streets or to yourself you are poet and I have no reason to believe that you are not a musician if you say so, you don’t need a record deal to prove it. But there is a world out there that might want to know about you too. Outside your box.

Why be ambition neutral and prevent collisions?

Why just be top Mañana?


© Moutselou

2 thoughts on “Top of Mañana to you

  1. I was going to write that these are wonderfully wise and perfectly profound words…….. but i’ll probably do it tomorrow instead.

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