Day 20.

Tonight it becomes evident that the subject indeed suffers from Restless Leg Syndrome. A family legacy.

He throws himself violently around the bed in a manner that resembles the behaviour of a wildebeest who has been tortured by too many gadflies for an extended period of time.

(Some people in the village describe cows going mad due to similar torture, and the said cows then throwing themselves into a wild gallop ahead, disregarding all danger,and  running into woods, where they’d lose their eyes to sharp sticks and branches in such fury.)

The subject seeks comfort in pressing the tops of his feet against the coldest parts of the bedding, yet violent turnovers occur every 60 seconds for about 2 hours.

Confronted about his private torture in the morning, the subject expresses his strong hatred of the syndrome and confirms he would most likely wish it upon an enemy over kidney stones.


restless leg syndrome

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