Evolutionary speaking we are not the dominant species on this earth.

Quite a sentence to start the morn hey!

And i aint talking about cockroaches or ants or mites or some kinda blank-eyed-see-through-neon-ghost-fish or even bacteria or viruses, i’m thinking the Gene. (Capitalize the g in God! Fuck that, you might aswell Capitalize the m in Moomin, but Gene, thats worth a big G if ever a big G was called for.) If you think of Genes as an organism, then they are The Dominant Species On Earth. Big ‘if’ perhaps but…….they are the driving force of you me and every other fucking thing on this marble-ette, marble-ismo, marble-ito we call earth. They are the father the son and the holy ghost. They are the cause for war and famine and love and lust and happiness and hatred and even for icecream, they are the alpha and the omega. Amen.

We are driven to exceed driven to conquer driven to the big secure wallpapered nest driven to the warm yielding groin-al clutches of love and driven to kill by this big G.

Freedom is something i have always admired and sought, but when truth be told there is no freedom from this concept. We are programmed by and for our Genes. I read a phrase in a book once calling us (and every other living thing) ‘Gene-jockeys’. When you flip the idea that Genes live in us, to that we live on Genes I believe we are getting closer to the truth. If you really looked at your motives for anything/everything could you honestly extricate them from the three F’s, feeding fighting and fucking. And truth (lets tell it again) is that feeding and fighting only exist to enable fucking. Those Genes they just wanna get on get ahead and get moving. Driven by these base instincts i utterly believe we are. This belief can, and has in me in the past, easily lead to a melancholic even desperate turn of mind, but i try to remember that yes we are but jockeys, but look at some of these jockeys, Da Vinci, Picasso, Orwell, Curie, Fisher, X, Ghandi………. you and I.

Jockeys yes, but there aint no tiny men here, giants riding gigantic unwieldly beasts.

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