Imagine if the whole world was lying to you……

(Oh i’m back on to input again, can’t seem to shake this puppy.) Imagine if the information you were fed was (no doubt good naturedly) not quite what it seemed. Imagine a certain amount of directing, of production, of ulterior motive. Imagine not quite being able to believe any of your input as all has been devalued by known lies. This is the truth of the liar, its not the lie that harms its the lack of trust that is born from this lie that does the damage.Be it white or bankers boot black, i say again, it matters not about the lie, the shredded trust is what needles and digs beneath this skin. I like honesty. Good ol’ fashioned, stick a needle in my eye, painful, heartbreaking, locked-gaze-eye-ball-to-eyeball truth. If you aint man enough for some ol’ time real, thats fine, but wave goodbye to trust aswell. Without trust there can be no understanding, and without understanding there can be no love, and without love there is no point.

So now again….. imagine if your whole world was lying to you. Would you want to run to a place where trust existed once more, or at least where distrust did’nt, if only for a while.

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