I once opened my mind so much my brain fell out.

Weirdly, part of me misses nothing, for there is nothing to miss.

I say part of me, and nothing. A wishy washy ‘part’, a percent, a token, an abstact amount, a tad, a squidgin, a bump. I also say ‘nothing’ a definitive no nonsense absolute. Dont cock around with this motherfucker of logic, it’ll turn round and scream infinity right in your chops. This hells angel of solid ‘rational’ thought, he’ll kick the doors of your saloon in and pool-cue-the-shit-out-of-any-eyeballing-motherfucker-with-no-qualms.

An odd pairing if ever there was, a snow white and one dwarf, or should that be one dwarf and snow white?

An odd pairing indeed, one in which, like the answer yesno and equation 18 x 0, and the recess in the space where my ‘brain’ once stood adds up simply just to nothing. Zero/nothing the great nullify-er of any equation.

I rewrite my second sentence to read simply: Nothing.

(or if youre a pedant zero).

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