Like a rotten tooth on a beautiful face

Your ugliness breeds foulness and discontent

Your paranoia stains and mars
( nothing we can’t rid off with a good soul scrub)

Your rotten core is foul
It hides under a golden layer of blah-blahness and bullshit

Please spare me all the ‘moral’ fluff
From a perspective of a free-spirit and a wisened social outcast

Gobbledygook in overstated tangents
Manipulative words and stories
aimed at us in our good hearted drunkeness

Your foulness wakes me up in dark
And when I poured my soul into your cup
You took a sip
I drained of blood
What have I done!

My words repeated in some other conversation
-your lips’ manipulation –
Transform to different lives
Impose on me a different being

False nothingness
And openness and sensitivity

You seek a captive audience in us

And in her dream my friend draws
“Ban her”
Instead I bang her notion on the head
Until she disappears , into thin air.

No bitches were harmed in the making of this “poem”.

Dedicated to all the insignificant , good time friends who ‘ve played their part in improving your life.

Dedicated to all the darkness that makes you your own sciffa Scroffa . Bang it out!


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