• The smell of heated milk.
  • Footprints in the sand.
  • Mini oil spills on wet roads.
  • The sight and sound of an old fashioned timetable board at train stations and airports.
  • Glancing at a digital clock that shows all the same numbers. ie 15:15:15.
  • People laughing to themselves in the street and wandering what they’re thinking about.
  • Squinting my eyes whilst in the passenger side of the car and watching the opposing headlights.
  • Strangers who acknowledge each other in the street.
  • The swish of a basketball going cleanly through the hoop.
  • Blueprints of buildings and constructions.
  • Sitting in the upstairs front seat of a doubled decker bus.
  • When a waiter or kitchen staff drops a plate and the whole place shouts – ‘waaaay’
  • Discovering new pockets in my jackets.
  • Elevator music.
  • Finding a loo when you’re about to pee your pants.
  • Putting your hand in your pocket to pay for something and bringing out the exact amount.
  • Playground swings – but they’re always too small.
  • Dogs chasing things they can’t catch.
  • Vibrations outside a nightclub.
  • The smell of Coffee.
  • A baby’s hand in yours.
  • Light pins & needles.
  • Road trips.
  • Guessing the next word on the next page when reading a book – and getting it right or even close.
  • Piercing a film lid of an instant coffee jar with a teaspoon.
  • Putting on a new pair of socks.
  • When a coin falls on the floor and it stands upright.
  • Louis Prima songs.
  • The smell of a bakery in the morning (it’s much better than Napalm)
  • Making lists about things I like.

One thought on “My Likes (part one)

  1. What are your likes? SOme of mine are the first bite into a fresh orange mango. Diving into the sea on a very hot day. Sleeping under eucalyptus trees. Frying garlic. Talking to strangers and eating their sweets!

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