Lent. Forty days of abstinance. I have decided to quit (dare i say it………..this, my childish pecadillo, my long-hid secret, this knuckley shame! Hid for so long, scorned by adults, parental types, these grown up sorts with clean hands and unmoistened fingers. Harmless, bizarre in its comfort, in its nose stroking pleasure, those comforting fingers wrapped and searching nylon sheen. Firm, warm, damp, rotund flesh pressed to roof of ribbed mouth.Dare i speak its name.) as hard as it may be, stone-up-hill difficulty, Jesus-like self-denial, i shall, for forty days and forty nights abstain …………………… from thumb-sucking.

Should be do-able, seeing as though i have’nt sucked my thumb in 24 years.

I’m going to give it a go. Don’t pressure me.

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